An expertly crafted, one-of-a-kind campervan that is truly yours, ready for full-time vanlife, or weekend wonderings.

Your adventure...


So, you want a campervan to call your own?

Your dream tiny-home-on-wheels to travel in? To live, work and adventure in?

To relax in, be proud of and share with your family and friends?

Depending how long you’ve been looking into this as a (very wise) life option, you’ll have probably noticed one thing:

There are more choices and decisions to make than if you were to redecorate your entire house twice over.

You’ll start by collecting inspiration and looking at beautiful vans shared online. 

Then you’ll be dreaming of your own layout and interior and how it will look and feel.

Then you’ll probably be wondering what path to take, what you need or don’t need, how much it all costs, how big it should be and if you should be doing any of it yourself!

You may have got as far as enquiring about a full or part van conversion, purchased a van, or even started some of the prep work yourself.

Whichever stage of the journey you’re at, we’d like to hear your big idea to see how we can help. 

We genuinely understand from both sides what it’s like trying to get a van conversion idea into reality. 

We’re not just here to build your entire van for you from start to turn-key-finish.

Nor are we here to get another cookie cutter campervan conversion out the door.

We’ve ditched the carpet cladding and plastic veneers to create a truly unique and customisable home on wheels that works for you.

We only work with a small number of customers each year so are completely focussed on getting your dream campervan idea out into the world, it’s all we think about.

When we hand over your beautiful conversion totally finished, we’re only satisfied if you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and you have to actively remember to talk about something else every once in a while.

Based at the edge of the South Downs National Park between Hampshire and Surrey; working with people just like you, all over the the UK.

Why Trust Us


Hearing what people say about you behind your back can be quite eye-opening.

Fortunately, we have become renowned for our light, airy and spacious-feeling conversions with exceptional finishes, impeccable attention to detail and thoughtfully designed interiors. (Not all our words!)

We’ve been where you are: at the start of a van conversion journey, looking into custom campervans and working out the best path to take.

Since then we’ve spent years testing out ideas, doing research, sharing our knowledge at shows and events and building a community of people from different walks of life, all sharing the same passion.

But above all that, what we really hope sets Bear Hug Campers apart is our dedication to collaborating with customers like you, to bring your dream van idea to life.

We pour our hearts and souls into each project, treating each as if it were our own.

What Our Customers Are Saying



Our Fixed Bed Layout

Introducing the ‘Sleepy Bear’, a 2 or 3-berth van conversion designed for adventurers who cherish comfort and luxury while exploring the great outdoors.

Featuring a full-size, fixed double bed, a spacious garage area, a shower room with toilet, a dedicated sitting and eating area, a fully-equipped kitchen with a hob, sink, and even your own pantry.

Whether you’re travelling solo, with a companion, your children, or as a trio, this space stays homely and totally cosy!

Designed for a Boxer/Ducato/Relay van type, but adaptable to Sprinter/Crafter and Transit.


Our Dining Area Layout

Meet the ‘Dining Bear’, where a versatile seating and dining space transforms into a cosy double bed, making it the perfect choice for couples seeking a complete tiny home on wheels.

Equipped with a shower room with toilet, a dedicated sofa and seating area for maximum comfort and, as the name suggests, a fully-functional kitchen with a hob, sink, pantry, wine rack, and so much more.

This mobile haven is ideal for those who need a comfortable workspace for their work-from-home endeavours or just want a proper, dedicated home on the road.

Designed for a Boxer/Ducato/Relay van type, but adaptable to Sprinter/Crafter and Transit.


VW Transporter Conversion

Chosen for their compact and square size, Transporters are one of the most popular van conversions in existence.

What makes ours unlike 99% of Transporter conversions out there is that we’ve done away with the grey carpet and laminated surfaces and instead, recreate the ‘tiny home’ look and feel of our larger campervans within this small space.

Ideal for couples and small families that want an easy to drive small van, but don’t want to compromise on the home-from-home aesthetic or beautiful interiors.


Fully Bespoke Conversion​

Unleash your imagination with our fully customizable design option, crafted to accommodate your distinct needs and preferences.

Embrace the freedom to personalise every detail of your mobile oasis, from the layout and materials to the fixtures and finishes.

Collaborate with our highly skilled team to create a one-of-a-kind, iconic living space that reflects your individuality and is perfectly tailored to the needs of you and your family or traveling partners.

Most popular van types for a fully bespoke conversions are Sprinter/Crafter, Boxer/Ducato/Relay, and Transit.


Part Conversions & Installs

If you’re taking on a van conversion yourself, but know there are areas you want a professional to do then this one is for you.

We can build your van up to a certain point, or just complete a specific install for you. Think electrics, gas and water system, solar and skylights, kitchen cabinetry, insulation. 

Combined with our Van Conversion Online Training Course this is the ninja way to completing your self-built campervan.

What Every Bear Hug Customer Gets


How Pricing Works



After having a chat with us to discuss your build direction, we’ll put together a proposal for you which lists the entire spec of your conversion.


Our full van conversions have a starting range between £30,000 to £38,000 +VAT depending on van size and build spec.

This is for the conversion and includes staples such as living and sleeping areas, kitchen, off-grid electrics, plumbing and gas as well as all the basics like insulation and windows.

All are built with quality materials and to our signature high standard of fit and finish.

From there you can add extras such as captain seats or additional windows, or remove sections such as the shower room or hot water.


The price is fixed throughout the project so once the spec, design and quote price is set, that’s what you’ll pay.

Payments are split into manageable chunks and spread out across multiple months.

By choosing Bear Hug Campers, you’re investing in a truly unique and exceptional living space, which is turn-key ready for every adventure imaginable and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.



We aim for a 12-week turnaround time when working full-time on your conversion. This can vary depending on your chosen spec and the level of customisation required.

Yes, we work with your existing van and transform it from a standard panel van to a beautiful tiny home on wheels. We can also help advise on van type and buying a van if you haven’t already got yours.

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of material and colour options for you to choose from, allowing you to personalise your conversion to suit your style.

Yes, we offer a variety of optional upgrades and additional features to enhance your conversion, anything from an extra large skylight to upgraded off-grid electrics.

Yes, and you don’t even need to order them as a custom extra. Unless you specifically don’t want solar on your van, we supply every van conversion with solar panels as standard, maximising your off-grid capabilities from day one.

We convert a wide variety of vans, large and small.

Our two ‘standard builds’ are specifically designed for Peugeot Boxers, Fiat Ducatos, and Citroen Relays but can be adapted to other popular models like the Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, and VW Crafter.

VW Transporters are also a popular choice for smaller van conversions due to their compact size. 

When opting for a fully bespoke van conversion, if you have a specific van in mind, just let us know, and we’ll discuss the possibilities.

Insulation is essential for maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your van, especially if you plan to use it year-round – including hot summers!

All our builds include as standard: sound deadening, recycled plastic soft insulation, thermo insulation boards and a foil vapour barrier to keep you toasty and moisture free.

Every single one of our builds is designed to be 100% off-grid, with powering options that charge via solar power, the engine while driving, or a hook-up point if you have the opportunity to plug in. Long story short, you should never have to worry about running out of power while you’re out on the road!

We offer a one-year warranty on our conversions, covering any issues that may arise due to our work. All components and appliances are also covered in the warranty, as are any potential problems, parts failures, defects and breakages!

To make things easy, we break the costs down into chunks, allowing you to pay for the build over time as the build is taking place. Financing options may be available depending on your credit and financial situation. We recommend discussing your options with a financial advisor or lender to determine the best course of action.

Of our two standard builds, the fixed bed build offers a more standard option for accommodating a third berth, as it allows the seating area to be converted into a smaller bed when needed.

If going fully custom we can add extra belted seats in and sleeping for more people.

In short, yes. We work with lots of self-builders to do part conversions and installs.

Tell us a bit more about your project and where you need help, and we’ll advise a plan of action to work on your van whilst keeping with the workflow of your build.



Knowing your conversion has been put together properly is essential.

When we hand over your van to you it comes with full safety certification. This includes gas and mains electrics safety certificates as well as a vehicle weight certificate.

For ultimate peace of mind we’ll also give you a one year warranty at no extra charge to cover our conversion from any potential problems, parts failures, defects and breakages.


Want to work with us or get a quote for your build?

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