An expertly crafted, one-of-a-kind campervan that is truly yours, ready for full-time vanlife, or weekend wonderings.



So, you want a campervan to call your own?

Your dream tiny-home-on-wheels to travel in? To live, work and adventure in?

To relax in, be proud of and share with your family and friends?

Depending how long you’ve been looking into this as a (very wise) life option, you’ll have probably noticed one thing:

There are more choices and decisions to make than if you were to redecorate your entire house twice over.

You’ll start by collecting inspiration and looking at beautiful vans shared online. 

Then you’ll be dreaming of your own layout and interior and how it will look and feel.

Then you’ll probably be wondering what path to take, what you need or don’t need, how much it all costs, how big it should be and if you should be doing any of it yourself!

You may have got as far as enquiring about a full or part van conversion, purchased a van, or even started some of the prep work yourself.

Whichever stage of the journey you’re at, we’d like to hear your big idea to see how we can help. 

We genuinely understand from both sides what it’s like trying to get a van conversion idea into reality. 

We’re not just here to build your entire van for you from start to turn-key-finish.

Nor are we here to get another cookie cutter campervan conversion out the door.

We’ve ditched the carpet cladding and plastic veneers to create a truly unique and customisable home on wheels that works for you.

transporter van conversion
Bear Hug Campers in the workshop

We only work with a small number of customers each year so are completely focussed on getting your dream campervan idea out into the world, it’s all we think about.

When we hand over your beautiful conversion totally finished, we’re only satisfied if you think it’s the best thing since sliced bread and you have to actively remember to talk about something else every once in a while.

Based at the edge of the South Downs National Park between Hampshire and Surrey; working with people just like you, all over the the UK.

beautiful hand crafted van conversion


Want to work with us or get a quote for your build?

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