Your Secret Weapon To Self-Convert Your Dream Campervan At Home, With Ease And Confidence.

Your Van, Your Build


Your van conversion self-build project isn’t just another task to do; it’s your labour of love!

You know you want the freedom of spontaneous adventures to explore the country in your own way.

You’ve been obsessing over your van-build idea and dreaming of that finished campervan.

You’ve been thinking about it for a while and you’re ready to start right now…

beautiful hand crafted van conversion
Bear Hug Campers Transporter Conversion

But you also know that converting a van isn’t about rushing through, cutting corners, or settling for less.

It’s about creating something you’ll genuinely take pride in.

Because true satisfaction comes from mastering the process yourself.

While you recognise the need for guidance to get it right, the idea of hiring someone to do it all for you isn’t what you have in mind.

And that’s where we come in.

campervan for four people

The Van Conversion Pathway is your secret weapon.

It’s the ultimate online group training programme to help you self-convert your own dream campervan at home, with ease and confidence.

Every single week, we’re on call answering your questions and guiding you through each step of your build.

Then when you want to quickly check that you’re doing something the right way, post to the group to get feedback.

And when you just want to crack on in your own time, watch our video explainers that talk you through in super high detail how a pro tackles each step of a build.

Bear Hug Campers in the workshop
Installing an off-grid electric system

Having this level of support and guidance from a professional van conversion company will give you the best chance of getting your van built exactly the way you’ve imagined it

… without making big mistakes and blasting through loads of wasted money and time.

It’s a huge sense of accomplishment when you hit the road in a beautiful campervan you’ve crafted with your own hands.


If one of these describes you, then you’re on the right path:


You’re set on doing a self-build spending every free moment researching and finding inspiration, and you’re getting a van very soon.


Or, you’ve got a van and started converting it, but realised it’s bloody hard and need some help, like, yesterday.


If one of these is you right now, request an info pack below to find out more about the Van Conversion Pathway:

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