We Walk You Through Our Entire Process To Convert
Your Own Campervan

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Expert GUIDANCE with a step-by-step formula to self-convert your campervan

Finally, the build stage. But wait, I have so many questions.. I know I can do it on my own, but I would love a framework to follow and some expert guidance.


The Van Conversion Pathway is your secret weapon.

In our van conversion training programme we walk you through our entire process to convert your own van into an incredible campervan.

You’ll have group support and be on video call with John from Bear Hug Campers every week to help you through the tricky bits of your build.

This Van Conversion Pathway is the way to get your van conversion project done. (And done well!)

Sound good? Ready to go with your van build and want to find out more?

Download an info pack with all the juicy details below:


I founded Bear Hug Campers, a campervan conversion workshop nestled on the outskirts of the breathtaking South Downs National Park UK, to have a space to build beautiful, timeless tiny homes on wheels.

Known for our light, airy and spacious-feeling conversions with exceptional quality finishes, impeccable attention to detail and thoughtfully designed interiors. (Not all our words, honest!)

We’ve been where you are: at the start of a van conversion journey, looking into custom campervans and working out the best path to take.

Since then we’ve spent years testing out ideas, doing research, sharing our knowledge at shows and events and building a community of people from different walks of life, all sharing the same passion.

Enough talk, have a look at some of our recent builds…


– Founder, Bear Hug Campers

Bear Hug Campers Owner John Stuckey
transporter van conversion



Van Conversion Pathway Member


“Being very independent, I did feel confident that I didn’t need any of that, but my partner convinced me otherwise and I’m very glad she did, having a mentor is like gold dust.

Since starting just under 2 months ago, I’ve posted 73 comments and questions to the group and been on “the call” every week with even more questions, which I think proves I was wrong, I need a lot of help!

John communicates well, and seems to have answers to questions instantly with photos to hand.

I’ve now been working on my van for 8 weeks – it really does take longer than you might think to convert a van and without John’s help, I’m sure it would’ve taken longer.

I cannot emphasise the importance of having a decent mentor to realise your potential.”


Van Conversion Pathway Member


“Having seen John’s work at Quirky Campers last year, I embarked on the idea of converting my own van. Not knowing where to start I signed up for John’s course, this has been the best decision I made, it has been invaluable.

Having his expert knowledge and industry experience has been great. No question has been too small.

Every aspect of the build has been made easy. Whether you are a complete novice with no experience or feel fairly competent, John offers you lots of handy tips and is always there to guide you through every step.

I would highly recommend doing the course with John.”


Van Conversion Pathway Member


“Before I started Bear Hug’s van conversion course I had made some costly mistakes following YouTube videos trying to replicate what others had done.

I was given lots of contradictory information and felt a bit overwhelmed. I hesitated about buying the course because it was spending more money but I am so glad that I went ahead.

The videos that John has put together are so comprehensive and explain exactly why you need to do something or not.

I feel so much more confident doing the work myself and having a weekly call to ask questions is invaluable.

Seeing the progress of others, having that accountability and having others cheer me on is the icing on the cake.

I can’t recommend this course enough if you are undertaking a van build yourself. I am excited by my progress and can’t wait to get my camper on the road!”

Bear Hug Campers Owner John Stuckey

See you on the other side…

– John,
Founder, Bear Hug Campers

Liss, South Downs National Park, Hampshire, Uk

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